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DIY: Oat Milk Conditioner

This oat milk conditioner recipe is from Elizabeth Alex's blog, Check out her blog for a lot of good things curly. I am a big fan of oats. It's my go-to breakfast with banana, milk and honey, and sometimes a bit of almonds too. If you're a lazy morning person like me, you can… Continue reading DIY: Oat Milk Conditioner

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A Tribute to my Father, my Didi

This was originally blogged on 16th June 2014, Father’s Day, 15 June 2014 Yesterday, 15th June 2014, the world celebrated Father’s Day. I went to dinner with my husband after work. Surprised him in fact, he thought I was already at home. But really, I waited for him by the metro station, and then we had pizza… Continue reading A Tribute to my Father, my Didi

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Homeschooling Filipinos in the UAE

Due to the global pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus 2019 (or nCoV-19), the world had to adapt to the new normal. Indoor exercises, social distancing, sometimes a 24-hour work schedule, a Zoom birthday celebration, are just some of the things considered as the new norm. And right in the middle of it too… Continue reading Homeschooling Filipinos in the UAE

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Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Recipe from Hi! Judging from the title, I know you'll think that this is an easy recipe. But nothing is easy for me when it comes to food. Of course I know how to do simple cooking techniques even with eyes closed like frying a sunny side up and boiling a hotdog then frying… Continue reading Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

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My Wavy Hair Story

The (Curly Girl) CG method and some of the basic things you need to know. I had thin blondish wavy hair when I was a child, like a doll's. But my mother must have not liked it because on school breaks, she had my hair cut off, I was literally bald. She said it would… Continue reading My Wavy Hair Story

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Psalm 121: My God, My Eternal Guardian

How you see God is from how He has personally touched and entered your life. That moment when you are at your lowest and you almost want to give up but you don't because you can't and there's nowhere else to go or no one to help so you just cry and look up to… Continue reading Psalm 121: My God, My Eternal Guardian

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Desert Oasis Petting Farm

This school year, we decided to try independent homeschooling since our eldest son, Lucas, is technically two school years behind due to the inability to enroll in a school. And yes, partly due to my behavior, one which I am learning to extinguish) of being irresponsible and lousy too. I would have beaten myself up… Continue reading Desert Oasis Petting Farm

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Etiquette: A Must Teach To Our Kids

Scenario (toilet in train station):Me: (Next in queue for using one out of three cubicles; waiting time has been almost five minutes. There was only one line for queue and four more people were in line after me.)Lady in cubicle 1: (Flushed and went directly to wash her hands.)Lady cleaner: (Asked if she could clean… Continue reading Etiquette: A Must Teach To Our Kids

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The Timekeeper: Book 1 for My M.A. Challenge

So taking up on my Mitch Albom challenge, I chose The Time Keeper as my first book to blog, just because it's one of my most recent read book of him. I head over to his website and found a reader guide. It has more than a handful of questions (quite rather helpful, thank you!) and will… Continue reading The Timekeeper: Book 1 for My M.A. Challenge

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A Challenge

For me, my blog (and most probably for everyone else who has one), is a platform where I share things that are valuable to me, like books, my spiritual journey, our homeschooling journey, lessons we want to share especially arts and crafts, and some personal insights and sentiments about random things, but mostly about parenthood… Continue reading A Challenge