The Timekeeper: Book 1 for My M.A. Challenge

So taking up on my Mitch Albom challenge, I chose The Time Keeper as my first book to blog, just because it's one of my most recent read book of him. I head over to his website and found a reader guide. It has more than a handful of questions (quite rather helpful, thank you!) and will… Continue reading The Timekeeper: Book 1 for My M.A. Challenge

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A Challenge

For me, my blog (and most probably for everyone else who has one), is a platform where I share things that are valuable to me, like books, my spiritual journey, our homeschooling journey, lessons we want to share especially arts and crafts, and some personal insights and sentiments about random things, but mostly about parenthood… Continue reading A Challenge

Notes On This & That

Lessons About A Home In A Studio

I want to share an exchange between our youngest son and me during one of our lessons which touched my heart dearly. ******* Yesterday (wrote this on 23rd Aug 2018), Lewis (our youngest son) and I were studying about the parts of a home and their names. Because our accommodation here in Dubai is studio… Continue reading Lessons About A Home In A Studio

Arts & Crafts

Handprint Fish

Since we are in the lesson of making art with prints, this Handfish Craft for Kids found in Pinterest came at the right time. It's a fun activity - coloring hands (and tickling it at the same time), mixing colors and using different brushes. These are the materials we used: Scratch paper (I brought home… Continue reading Handprint Fish

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The Grateful Jar

She starts with A, slows down by J, and wonders if she can finish until Z. This is what my mind came up with when I pondered about something related to our grateful jar. Let me explain.  She starts with A... When I am thrilled about something, I get passionate about it. I read and do… Continue reading The Grateful Jar

God-&-Me Time

A Poem: I Am

I am a wife, a mother and a teacher, I am a daughter and a sister. I am a friend and a companion, a confidant and a listener. I am a worker and a colleague, not a boss nor a manager. I am a commuter and a runner, a writer and a reader. I am… Continue reading A Poem: I Am

God-&-Me Time

The Littlest Prayer is Heard

Through my continuous journey in getting to know our Papa God, I have learned to pray to Him on almost everything. Whether happy or sad, I do my best to say a quick little prayer to give thanks or to ask for strength. I am still in the process of, not to mention struggling with,… Continue reading The Littlest Prayer is Heard

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Zentangle: My Escape

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Thomas Merton One gets lost and immersed when one does something one enjoy, much more something one loves. And for me, my soul is in a timeless bubble when I make art - writing, music, art activities with my kids, coloring, (water… Continue reading Zentangle: My Escape


December Read: Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

I have heard a lot of Robin Sharma and his most famed, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. However, this is his book I've first read and it didn't disappoint. It contains 101 lessons that are simple and practical yet life-changing, especially when you follow through. The lessons would stimulate your soul, let you re-evaluate what… Continue reading December Read: Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

God-&-Me Time

On 6th December 2016, This Is My Story

  On 6th December 2016, I was euphoric… And it was at that moment when I realized that my God is greater than my problems. I want to share my story and this is my testimony: While I believe in God, marvel at His works and wonders, and grateful for the blessings He's blessed me… Continue reading On 6th December 2016, This Is My Story